3 Single Parent Holiday Struggles

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Parenting has its ups and downs and that also applies to single parenting, especially during the Holidays. Where many of single-parents tend to go through significantly different court-appointed traditions and rhetoric while everyone else is joining in the festivities.

Amorada Love Movement

1. Are the kids with Mom or Dad this year?

As a parent, we can all agree that the morning of Christmas or other celebrated Holiday during the winter season we look forward to our little ones waking up in awe once they see the presents that wait for them under the plastic evergreen. Unfortunately, for single parents, that’s every other year. Nothing is sadder than waking up naturally during the Holidays and not to the sound of pitter patter excited for you to get up so they can tear into the colorful packaging holding the much-anticipated annual requests.


Amorada Love Movement

2. The Christmas List Conundrum.

Now in a home where both parents reside, they have equal access to the all-famous Christmas List. However, if parents are living in separate homes and communication between adults isn’t the best sometimes single parents run into the risk of getting the same thing as the other parent did – which is especially difficult as whoever has the kids that year gets to have first dibs on presenting the presents. Even more frustrating is when one parent cannot afford to gift the same quality gifts as the other due to financial hardship.


Amorada Love Movement

3. The External Factor.

Nothing is more defeating than friends and co-workers asking stupid questions that remind you that you don’t have your babies with you this Holiday. “Is it hard not having your kids for the Holiday?” How do you answer that? I want to crawl in a corner with a bottle of wine and wait until the season is over. Seriously!! If your friend is going through a Holiday without their little ones be mindful of what you say. Try this instead… “Hey, me and some friends are going to the movies would you like to join?”

The Holidays can be fun but in many cases for single-parents, every other one can be a bit gloomy. With that being said, please be conscious of your single-parent buddies and send them an invite when you know they might be alone when they normally wouldn’t choose to be. If you would like to reach out and help other single parents during the Holidays follow this link and join the Amorada Love Movement in our efforts to help single parents. Happy Holidays and remember your friends need you too!!