Empower the parent as Children are great imitators

The Amorada Love Movement is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering single parents through scholarships.  Where we aim to “Light the Path” by providing resources to families in the effort to help them become self-sustaining and overall improve their future journey.

Created in coalition with Amorada Tequila, The Amorada Love Movement holds the belief that we can make a difference in families lives, where we strive to offer a bridge to assist single parents in need and help them see the light of hope that awaits them on their journey to improvement as a parent and most of all as a family.

Our core is belief is that we can help more children and generations to come by offering options to empower the success of their parents. As in most cases, the “trickle-down” effect can work for or against. Where we look to apply aid and to work for our children and the leaders of the generations to come by providing the support and encouragement that their parents need to propel forward and serve as the examples that they desire to be for their children.

“A company without purpose leaves a business without passion.”

Terray Glasman, CEO of Amorada Tequila